Thursday, December 22, 2016

Baby Nail #3

We found out about Baby #3 on December 10th. Gabe had a stomach bug and I thought I was getting it too. I started to notice that I only felt sick at night, which is what I do when pregnant. I went to the store that day and bought a test, just to rule it out. As soon as I took it, I saw the positive and FREAKED. We were so so shocked and excited.

We spent the next few days wrapping our heads around the news. The next week proved difficult as the doctor couldn't find the baby and then after multiple blood tests, felt that I had lost the baby.

On December 21st, we had another ultrasound (after my hormone levels had gone back up) and they found a baby! They confirmed that I am only 5 weeks along. Next week we will go back and hope to see more growth and a heartbeat!

We are so thrilled and thankful for another amazing blessing!!! We can't wait to meet you baby nail!

Birdy was waiting in the car after my appt and took some pictures as I told Gabe the great news!

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